DEAD CROWN is a solo project created in 2010 by Pierre alias "FAUSTO", songwriter, performer and producer of this project.
Officially released a demo in 2010, titled the same name "DEAD CROWN". It will be followed in February 2011 by its first album
"FROZEN BLOOD" still evolving style Epic Black Metal / Ambient / Gothic released on the label he created "Managarm Productions"

                  The second & new album "THE WARRIOR'S WAY" was released in February 2014 and mixed styles of Bathory, Summoning & Burzum.                   "Managarm productions" presents the Epic album for Warriors!

"The Warrior's Way" remastered version 2017 high quality now on bandcamp !

iTunes :

DC- I Am The Storm.mp3

                                                                          Album "THE WARRIOR'S WAY" 2014 collector édition dvd case

                                                                                         9 Epic black metal/Ambient songs 7€

                                                                                        contact me on:
Album "FROZEN BLOOD" collector édition dvd case limited with Bonus Track    "AD VITAM AETERNAM" 7€.
contact me on:

"FROZEN BLOOD" (pro-cd) 8 Epic songs available 8€+send, contact me on:

Demo 2010 "DEAD CROWN" cd version available 5€+send, contact me on:


                                        DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY cd quality + covers AVAILABLE HERE :

Album for sale (mp3 320kbps) on digital platforms 6,99€
and each song has 0,99€
Listen 2 songs mp3 version of "FROZEN BLOOD" album here:

frozen blood-320kbps.mp3


Listen 2 songs mp3 version of "DEAD CROWN" demo here:

Ad vitam aeternam.mp3

1-lord of chaos.mp3

MANAGARM productions
FAUSTO label since 2011

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